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Have you ever been to Life Changers Church?
Do you have friends that ever attended?
What about grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, or children?
How about a co-worker?

If you answered yes, or no, to any one of these, we want you to grab a carload of friends and join us for a pretty special day… a party of sorts!

You see, it’s our 25th on the 28th...

Sunday, October 28th to be specific.
10am & 6pm | Hoffman Estates
Noon | City Campus


BeBe Winans

Acclaimed Gospel and R&B singer, songwriter, BeBe Winans, will be performing LIVE at our 6PM celebration.


Why Should You Come?

Great Question! Here’s 25 Reasons Why You Should Come

#1 Almost everything is different. In a good way
#2 Coming to church boosts the immune system and decreases blood pressure, for real
#3 You might be an answer to someone’s prayers
#4 People who attend church usually live longer (We didn’t make this one up… google it!)
#5 According to the Pew Research Center, frequent churchgoers are happier
#6 You might see yourself in some old pictures or videos
#7 According to the Hartford Institute, church participation leads men to become more engaged husbands and fathers
#8 You need some kind of miracle in your life
#9 Remember that scene in Dead Poet’s Society when Robin Williams made his students stand on a desk to get a fresh perspective?
#10 You’ll receive a lot of love from a lot of people
#11 You’ll hear about the huge things God is doing near and far
#12 You will get to taste some great international foods
#13 You will worship with a bunch of other happy people
#14 You’re likely to learn a thing or two
#15 It’s an opportunity to bring a friend who doesn’t know Jesus
#16 Because parties and celebrations are fun, especially when they are not cheezy
#17 You’ve probably got nothing better to do (watching TV and sleeping don’t count as better!)
#18 Social media keeps you connected. But, there’s no substitution for meeting someone IRL (in real life)
#19 There’s nothing like being in a room of like-minded people. #InstaAwesome
#20 It will help you put your life story, into the grand narrative of God’s story
#21 It will positively influence future generations
#22 It beats staying at home and being alone, even if you are an introvert
#23 Jesus will be there
#24 We want to see YOU!
#25 Why should you come? You’d be crazy not to, especially with all these reasons to be there!

Service Times

Join us for our Sunday Morning Celebration at either campus, as well as Sunday Night at our Hoffman Estates Campus.


Hoffman Estates, IL

Sunday Morning


Our normal 9:00am and 10:30am services will be combined into one 10:00am celebration service.

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Chicago, IL

Sunday Afternoon

12:00pm (Noon)

Our normal 9:00am morning service will be joining our noon service at 12:00pm for a special celebration service.

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Hoffman Estates, IL

Sunday Evening Worship Experience + Afterparty


Join us Sunday Evening at our Hoffman Estates Campus for a special all-church celebration at 6:00pm. We'll spend time worshipping together, hearing a word from Pastor Gregory Dickow, celebrating what God has done and is doing. And hang out afterwards for an Anniversary Afterparty with food and fun.

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Our Pastors

Pastors Gregory and Grace Dickow founded Life Changers International Church in 1993 with a mission to introduce people to the real Jesus, empower them to rise to their true worth and purpose, and change mindsets that change the world.